Using the FarmBot wiki

Hello everyone!

It is so nice to see that the FarmBot community is growing day by day.
More and more people are participation on different topics on the forum.That is awesome! :slight_smile:

Each day someone finds improvements, solves problems, or has great ideas about the FarmBot. While the project is growing it is important to keep things organized. That is why it is important to document ideas, improvements and solutions in a way that other users can participate.

A nice way to organize all the information is the FarmBot Wiki.
I created a getting-started guide for the wiki. I shows the basic function about creating and editing content.

When you have questions or feedback, just contact me. :slight_smile:
So when you solved a problem, found an improvement or have a great idea,
feel free to participate!



Thanks for helping out here @Joberk!

I think it will be really cool to see the discussions here on the forum come to conclusions and then be organized/documented on the wiki for easier consumption by new people over the years to come. Let me know if have any questions about the wiki or need my help.