UTM plug 3d print?

Has anyone tried 3d printing a UTM plug? Or is there some alternative?
I’m building one from scratch and the UTM plug seems to be proprietary (like many of the farmbot parts are), but none of the instructions mention 3d printing the part.

help please?


If you do a quick google search for “small plastic plugs” there are a plethora of them.

Also, if you look under “Delrin plugs” you should find a bunch of plugs for people with gauged ear lobes. if you find the right size those would work perfectly.

Here is a link to something i found really quickly that would most likely be very suitable. just confirm with yourself the diameter of the hole and purchase the appropriate plug.

If you have any other questions let me know!

You can 3D print the plug. To do so, go to Onshape and navigate to the UTM plug part studio. Right click the component and export to .STL for use with your 3D printer.

And for others reading this post: Nothing about FarmBot is “proprietary”. All of our hardware, software, and data is licensed with very permissive open-source licenses which allow you to inspect, modify, remix, build, and even sell your own FarmBot parts. I think what you meant to say, @nathano87, is that many of the FarmBot parts are not “off-the-shelf” components.


@Cjaramillogrows Thanks for the good info!

@roryaronson Sorry for the poor word choice. Thanks for clarifying my intentions with the rest of the community.