V1.2 to V1.3 Encoder Cables Connections

I’m currently completing my upgrade of my Farmbot from V1.2 to V1.3 including the switch to using the Farmduino. My understanding is that I can use the existing V1.2 encoder cable and its connectors, however I am unable to find any documentation or schematic that describes what are the correct pins on the Farmduino to use to connect the encoder cable wires. I can see that the Farmduino has a label for each encoder, but the pins are not labeled so I am having troubling matching the colored wires on the encoder cable. Can someone point me to the documentation or provide me the necessary pin/wire combination? See attached photo showing the V1.2 encoder cable bundle.


You’ll want to plug them in as shown:
encoder wires
From left to right with the connector key down: dark gray (thicker wire), green/black, green, white/black, white, black, red.
This should match the order the wires connect to the encoder on the back of the motor. The yellow wires are unused.