Verify v1.0 .DXF files?

There are two .dxf files in the v1.0 manufacturing directory.

All Brackets Waterjet Layout for Standard Bot.dxf

Electronics Mounting Plate.dxf

Are these all the files one would need for getting the metal components cut by a local shop?

If I understand correctly a 24x24 inch piece of 5mm thick or 3/16 6061 aluminum should provide all the material needed to cut these?

Since I am in Southwest Louisiana, we have lots of local machine shops due to all the oil businesses. I’ve been told lots of them are hurting for work right now and do a good bit of one-off work such as this so I am hoping to check with a few and see what it would cost to get it done locally. For me, it’s a win-win, give my business to someone local as well as possible establish a relationship with people who do this sort of stuff for future projects I stumble across.


Hey Dane,

Yes, I’m fairly certain a 24x24 sheet will get you all the way for the metal pates. Though the Electronics Mounting Plate should be made of a plastic such as acrylic - that is why it is in a separate file.

Depending on how far into making your FarmBot you are, you may want to use the v1.1 design available on Onshape here. From Onshape you can download the latest plate layout drawing here.

i’ve made the mounting plate in aluminium, and you’re saying it won’t work in the end? how come?

It will probably work fine, though because some of the mounting standoffs have a possibility of touching contacts/solder on the Arduino, using a plastic plate will ensure there is no possibility of a short.

in that case i’ll use a thin layer of neoprene or EPDM and it should all work out.