Vertical Farm Bot

Hello Farm Bot Team!

I just discovered your site. Great work. It’s amazing seeing how ones passion can lead to a better world. We all should be support and follow is similar ways. Mother Earth would be pleased :smile:

I’m designing my first Gothic Arch green house, using a Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System. ( I have the wood and 1500 bucket, so I figured I put it to good use and get some practice growing :smile:

Yet I like to build, what I call Hanging Walls of Babylon Garden System. or (BGS)

vertical crop yields can be 16 times more productive than traditional framing. With the high cost of shipping. More and more food is being developed in local areas using Aqua and Hydroponics.

So I have been developing a vertical wall growing system and the Farm Bot will be a great addition to the BGS. It would be great to work with your team and others to develop this.


Sounds exciting Craig! When you start work on the system, please share it on the community wiki for others to help and learn with you!