Vertical Farming

Can farmbot cater for vertical farming such as tomatoes and cucumbers?

Are there any plans or is there any development for vertical farming


I have plans to construct a vertical farming version of the farmbot. I’ll post my progress once I’ve done some work on it. :slight_smile:


We’re planning a vertical farming version too. More than happy to swap ideas and experience.

Hey, sure. That’d be great.
Going to start working on expanding my little experimental hydroponics system once I receive a few more components in the mail. My system is shown here:
My plan is to build the xy axis on a rail going between the vertical rotating columns with plants growing on them. Then I hope to be able to implement a servo hand that can pick plants from the side. Going to be some trial and error, but I think it should work.
Would love to hear some ideas. :wink:

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Can see how farmbot can work over a box with plants that are not too big.
However, can it look after plants such as Pumpkins, zuchinis that grow large and spread? Or climbers that don’t fit into a confined area?

That will definitely be more challenging. The current system is most suited for more confined plants. Though you’re welcome to experiment with growing anything else. And over time I’m sure the software (and hardware) will improve to better handle these types of plants.

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I’m working on a Vertical Farmbot as well! There have been so many great innovations in gantry style styles that 3d printers use. I’m sure with some work we can come up with a cost effective way to build the structure and enable those kind of movements.

What I would like to know is how that effects the sensors, and the abilities of Farmbot when it comes to what plants it has currently planted.

I’ve been wondering about the vertical aspect as well. It seems like many of the FarmBot implementations that I have seen would be too short for growing crops such as corn. Anyways it’s just something that I’ve been thinking about. I did see the Farm Bot on wheels in the garden in France that looks very promising towards these types of large scale crops.