Voltage (?) problems, overload


I’m in tools testing, but not yet as it seems.
I’ve made a connector for B+C pins in the watering tools.
I run a simple sequence pickup the tool and then run water and drop it off.
BUT, shortly after the pickup bot stops, USB cameras LED lights start to flash.
Also smelt “burnt motherboard” from the RAPMS.
I’ve managed to replicate the error in attached video, please advise

Hey @skuter

I assume that this does not happen if you remove the jumper plate from the tool.
Did you check your connections on the UTM, so that it is connected like this? Also check the tool if the jumper is where it is supposed to be (between B&C).

Looks like you are not using a kit that was bought from the website.
If so, could you give us more information about your power supply and maybe other power consumers that are used in your system?
I think this behavior could be caused by a short circuit. But the only reason that i could think of is that you would connect A+B at your tool mount.

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Yep, you were right… and it was also my assumption…
I’ve attached wires from 12wire cord in +1 matter.
After re-wiring the UTM as mentioned in the documentation everything is running OK :slight_smile: