Voltage tester to determine UTM pin numbers on older V1.2 FarmBot

I had to rework my UTM cable because I didn’t have the right Pins connected to the write contacts on the UTM.

The hard part is, all the numbers on the UTM cable for each wire have all rubbed off. So I got a voltage tester so I can determine and label each cable.

I have the first version of FarmBot when it came out. V.1.1 So the UTM doesn’t have the color-coded wires like the new version.

Question is:

If im using the 5V (A/1) pin to get an electrical response on the other end of the UTM cable, does it have active current or do I have to initiate a soil sensor test sequence to activate current?


I figured out how to test them. New to electronics and voltage testers but a simple Ohms check and i could see which wire was which and then label them accordingly!