Vote for favorite feature 1st vote

Hi @roryaronson: any schedule in which year you will implement the first vote?


I’ve noticed this a couple of times before, but it’s mostly a gut feeling. I can’t really quantify it, but personally, I feel you make a lot of underhanded remarks around the forums.

You’d do best to pack it in. If you must vent your negativity, please speak to Rory or other official FarmBot staff directly.

Use constructive criticism. Be nice.


Hi @mdingena besides disabusing me, do you have an answer to my question?

As I am not an official FarmBot representative, I cannot truthfully answer that question. I actually expect them to implement it in the next minor version upgrade (the middle digit in the version number). As I’m currently not closely following the software development, I’m not sure which version that is, but I believe it’s 5.1.0.

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The auto-sync feature that won the community vote is in our pipeline, though implementation has not yet been started. We have a release coming up (maybe in about a week, once it passes QA) that has many improvements to the farm designer, mostly. Meanwhile, some longer-term work with the MQTT infrastructure and the OS has been in the works for a while and will need to be completed before auto-sync is really possible in a robust way.

To answer your question specifically: auto-sync will be done this year.

Thanks for the support while I’ve been away from the forum the last week @mdingena!