Vote for your favorite feature request

Cast your vote for your favorite feature request! We’ll prioritize the top results.

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Could we vote (for a longer term period of course) for the next major release, such as database integration or the like?

At least it would help you as well to summarize all feature requests in one place… Thus you could have two lists for minor and major feature requests and keep track of them…?

I’d say this forum category is doing precisely that. Basically any feature request that is not closed by staff will be considered for a future release. This thread only shows a couple of potential features that could be included in the next release. Having additional threads with essentially redundant information will only delude the information. Let’s try to keep things organised.

Also, I believe it’s only possible to have one poll per thread.


Can’t see my Feature request here. Is this a pre-selected list of feature requests?

Yes, this is a preselected list where we’re trying out a community voting concept to help steer software development. The feature requests above were hand selected.

Based on the results so far, we’re prioritizing the development of the auto-sync feature.

Hope to see my feature request here one of this days.

Following the latest software release, this topic will be closed, and a new one will be opened by FarmBot staff with the newly elected feature requests for the upcoming software release.