Water tube, toxiticity, Phthalat

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as I am living in Europe, we have a law for everything, even the dimensions and shape of bananas, buuut
there´s good things too. There is a ROHS compliance thing which limits the amount of Phthalat (is this the same
translation to english?) in PVC. Google it if you like to know more about it, the only links I have are in german:

Considering the flow of water, every single bit in the chain could “emit” Phthalat into the water for the plants.
Is there any documentation about the tube or the solenoid valve or the 3D printed parts about this topic? The only thing
I found in the wiki is the link to McMaster Carr which says ROHS compliant. Nice, but there are 3 (?) different ROHS
versions which are completely different with regards to the Phthalat topic in PVC… :confused:

I am currently trying to replace the tube with a Phthalat free version which is not that easy but doable…

Any comments appreciated!


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@roryaronson: could you say something about the plastics which are used for the UTM watering tool?

I am unsure of the levels of phthalates in the PVC tubing. I will discuss the topic with our suppliers though to see if we can get phthalat-free tubing for future kits. Were you able to find a good source?

The v1.2 watering tool and the UTM itself is made of POM. The v1.3 watering tool will be made of ABS.

Nothing up to now; the only supplier I found raised an extraordinary shipping cost…

The normal stuff you can buy here in the DIY shops is not specified, more precise: they do not state Phtalate free…

Any news?

At this time the tubing does have phthalates, though maybe one day we will be able to source something that is specifically phthalate-free.

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