Watertight seals breaking

I’ve purchased my Genesis v1.2 in July 2016, over 4.5 years ago. Back then I already knew I might be migrating so I only built the minimum necessary to ensure everything was working.

Since that time, my FarmBot has never actually operated in a garden. It’s always been indoors and for almost 2.5 years it’s been packed in boxes 80% assembled. Now that I’ve finally moved to Perth after being stuck in Melbourne for 2 years, I’m ready to start using my FarmBot.

I noticed that the rubber grommets on the UTM seem to have shrunk, leaving potential gaps for water to creep in. The tubes and UTM cable feel quite loose in the grommets, much looser than from what I remember when assembling the UTM head (it was a bit of a struggle moving the upper half onto the lower half to close the UTM while the tubes were fed through, is why I remember).

I also see that the seal on my borescope camera is busted and has come loose entirely.

It’s likely a combination of age and heat stress (shipping containers aren’t particularly cool) that has damaged the grommets and camera.

Is it easy to replace the grommets with something from a local DIY store or are they bespoke to the Genesis?

How can I prevent water damage to my borescope camera?

How will my v1.2 fare in very hot and dry West Australian weather?

These replacement parts might help:

In the case of FarmBot’s USB camera, many off-the-shelf cameras will work. I once used a regular webcam, plus a USB extension cable and a DIY waterproofing job and it worked fine. There are also a lot of borescopes on Amazon that match the form factor of the v1.2 camera. I found one just now for $20, though availability in your locale may be different.