Web App Pins and Farmduino

I would like to put “ON” on the D3 pin of Farmduino. When I do this on the web app, by a sequence or even by a peripheral adding, nothing happens. For information, I choose the pin number 3 on the web app.
Is it implemented?

It is implemented. Which FIRMWARE is displayed in the Device widget?

It is the v1.3

Have you tried other pins, such as the standard peripherals? Also are you using the latest FarmBot OS version? What do you see in the logs?

Yes we have tryed other pins, the log on the Web App says : “Pin 3 turned on”.
And the standard peripheral pin such as the LED one is working.

Have you tried other non-peripheral pins such as D2? Is D3 the only pin not working for you? What voltage are you reading when you turn on D3?