Web Interface and WiFi not connecting


We have a farmbot but it won’t connect to the Web app or even the wifi now. I have tried re-configuring it with no luck. Any ideas - staff would love to get this going sometime this week as we use it for education.

We are having the same issue- we are able to get the bot to connect with an older version of the OS (5.09), but as soon as we upgrade to anything newer than 6 the Farmbots will not connect.

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a few questions:

  • Is the WiFi a standard wifi (personal) network or an enterprise WiFi?
  • What version of FarmBot OS is it?
  • Did you see any warning messages on the configurator page on subsequent attempts?
  • Does your WiFi network block any ports or use a proxy server?
  • Do you see any other messages anywhere?


The WiFi is a enterprise network - I am having trouble finding the MAC address to create a reservation. But the FarmBot would also not connect to my phones personal hotspot.

I am using v6 of FarmBot OS and I have reflashed the SD card many times.

I haven’t seen any warning messages as of yet, but I am going to try again shortly with connecting the FarmBot.

I did note that I am seeing a different look of a configuration page after reflashing the SD card.

I got the FarmBot connected to the school WiFi via a DHCP Exception! (all the ports should be unblocked for the FarmBot since it has full rights to the network now.)

But for some reason, there is no connection to the message broker…?

ALSO - The farmbot-xxxx wifi is still showing after configuration?

Any ideas?