Webfrontend lagging

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Hi again; I noticed this behaviour again today in the farmdesigner when it delayed the movement of the gantry including pictures which where in the process to be taken during displaying. It was rather 30 seconds to a minute in general than just a second. Any idea?

Chrome: 66.0.3359.181 FB 6.4.1. and webfrontend D40F6678

There is a performance issue that will be fixed in the next release where generating a large volume of log messages at a high rate can slow down the web app in your browser. Could that be the issue here?

Yeeeaaah not so sure. I am not generating that much log messages as the take photo thing takes a while before moving ahead. So not sure if its rather related to the overall things that needs to be done (photo upload, show it in the designer while uploading another one, refreshing the gantry positions and moves…)

If I can help in debugging, please let me know how.

I also have seen that the log plays weird some times. So some times the bar at the top is empty and I need to go into logs then play around with the filter (going from 2 to 3 in debug for example) and then it shows everything again…? Maybe these things are connected…

Hey @Gabriel: massive lags today and another interesting stop:
It seems that there are more severe problems with the complete farmware and or the log?!

I did not issue an E-Stop, why did the bot stop?!

If there is any error during Sequence execution, FarmBot will emergency stop. I would recommend trying individual commands to isolate the error if the problem persists.

Regarding the lag issue, have you rebooted FarmBot recently?

Agree, but:
a) I do not see the warning that it e-stopped, despite the error filter is set to the highest on the right: 3
b) I do not see any reason why it stopped during the plant detection farmware?

At the moment I am experience quite heavy lagging and unresponsiveness over here paired with this log message empty thing until I switch something in the filter active tab… currently rebooting…