WeFarmbot - Complete Kits Available Now for Order

Hello everyone,

We’re two french people living in southern China and believe the FarmBot project is great and will improve fast, thus we have decided to build our local version of FarmBot.

Since we can get more affordable prices here and have finalized sourcing all components for a FarmBot kit, we will be able to ship the kits starting March at a really competitive price (from 1999$, free shipping worldwide).

Please come to check our website / blog at www.wefarmbot.com to have a look and pre-order a FarmBot kit if you’re interested !! We’ll be producing kits all year round in just-in-time so that you can get the hardware updates asap.

If you need more information or have any comment, feel free to contact us, we will be more than pleased to answer your queries.

Thank you
WeFarmbot Team
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@NicolasWeFarmbot greetings from the FarmBot.io team, we’re excited to see your business launch! Looks like you are off to a great start with your documentation hub, etc, and I really like that mobile raised bed design! Very cool.

Let me know if you ever want to chat about design improvements, business, possible collaborations, etc :slight_smile: My email is rory@farmbot.io

Hi @roryaronson

Thank you for that, that’s really nice and i am pretty sure we could indeed discuss about it and that could lead to something interesting.

What did you guys work out? Distribution partnership, manufacturing partnership in China?

Hello Tim,

As we got many pre-order, we are currently focus on some re-seller program to supply them. We are open to discuss about any possible business cooperation.

Meanwhile, we are also working to match some requirements from our customer to make larger models.

Thank you

您好,我们想要Farmbot - 完整套件,可以定做吗

Hey Nicholas! :slight_smile:

I am interested in ordering a farmbot from wefarmbot to Germany.

Are you delivering the same parts as the guys from Farmbot Inc. ? Or are there components missing, added or exchanged?

How long does it take to deliver it to Germany?
Best Wishes

Hey @janbernd,

Thanks for contacting us. I wrote you a private message.
Basically, We are following the official project, we source the parts ourselves and add some modifications to improve the FarmBot project too. We aim to develop as well new features for the main project in the future.
Our kits are designed and aimed to be compatible with the software hosted by farmbot.io. We are updating our kits regularly.

Feel free to contact me at nicolas@wefarmbot.com and visit our website www.wefarmbot.com

Thank you

Hello, I am a Chinese farmBot lover. I want to order a complete set of equipment. I want to know how to contact you. What should I do in terms of payment


you can contact me at nicolas@wefarmbot.com

Thank you

Hi All,
It’s September Sale. We have 12 Farmbot kits v1.2 available to ship now worldwide with free UPS shipping and we are now offering an amazing September discount !

Feel free to contact me if you are interested.


Hi All,

You can find here the detailed pricing file that we use to purchase components, for every single part. This pricing does not include office rent, supplier shipping fees, etc

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