What is the Camera URL?

I just connected a raspberry pi camera to the raspi board but it is not showing up in the farmbot application under the devices tab. If the camera is directly connected to the Raspi what “URL” should i use?

We are still working on camera support for FarmBot OS. The CAMERA widget of the web application (with an option to set webcam URL) can be used for a network stream setup using a webcam. We’re using it for a view of the entire bot to view movements while controlling it remotely, but you could set up a webcam for other angles as well.


Any update on this?

We now have beta camera support working for photos using USB cameras, and will have support for Raspberry Pi cameras soon. The function can be used via the weed detection widget or the sequence builder, though you have to be using the newest version of the OS to use this feature. We plan to implement video streaming as well though there are a few other features higher on the priority list at the moment.

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Rory, what have you done to extend the raspberry pi camera cable?

The Raspberry Pi camera cable can be extended with this adapter and an HDMI cable. You can also use a waterproof USB camera with a long cable instead.

I also want to point out that you can currently use the webcam widget camera URL as intended, with a network webcam stream.

Thank you Rory for your answer. I’ve updated the OS and try to get the USB camera working but I don’t know where to start. Do we still need to provide a external URL for the webcam or can we connect the webcam directly to the Raspberry Pi USB port? If so, how to set it up in the web interface?

Thank you!

For the video stream, you need to provide an external (network or public) URL. For photos, you can plug in the USB camera directly to the Raspberry Pi.

Looks like weed detection camera via usb is not working on raspberry pi 2 for me. It just does not seem to recognize the usb camera.
Using raspberry pi 3 I finally can take photos. Processing the Images is still a mistery to me :smiley:

Has there been any update on the url for a local USB webcam?

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We entered a public Nest web camera URL, but it did not work. There are no error messages in the HTTP traffic. The same URL works when pasted directly into a browser. And, the widget just says unable to load webcam feed. I can provide the URL if necessary. Please advise.

Can you try entering the URL as iframe https://... in the webcam widget?

Could you add the rtsp protocol?

I am wondering if the webcam issue has been solved? Can you share the protocol of how to add a usb webcam?

I am still not sure URL? How and where we can get a URL for my webcam (logitech)?

@ledfarmbot203 FarmBot does not currently provide webcam hosting. It does not provide a URL for a webcam. You will need to purchase a webcam that supports a URL, such as a Nest camera. Another option is to host the camera using third-party software (not provided).

If you do own a nest camera, you would enter a URL such as the example below:

iframe https://video.nest.com/embedded/live/abcdefghijk=0

You will need to consult your camera vendor’s documentation to determine the appropriate URL.

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