What is the resolution path & process if you believe you have a missing part?

@roryaronson @Gabriel @RickCarlino @connor
I believe our FB XL arrived w/o a “Waterer” tool, but did have two “Weeder” tools. I suspect there may have been a slight mix-at the packaging step. I submitted two emails to the “Contact” link, but have had no response. (But it is the holidays, so this may be understandable.
Get back to me when you can, and I hope the FB Team had/has a great break. You all deserve it!

Hi @Intelbotfarmer. You are correct- most of the office is out of town this week for vacation. Someone will be able to look into the matter next week. Unfortunately, I don’t handle shipping matters so I don’t have too much information beyond that. If there was a mix up @roryaronson will be able to take care of that for you next week. Have a great holiday and happy new year!