What would I need to add to a Genesis (not XL) to make a 6m X-Axis?

Hi all,

I have a driveway on the north side of the house that could fit a long skinny bed, just wondering if anyone has experience extending the X-Axis of a Genesis? Presumably more 20x40 V-Track, belts, dowels and cable holders are required.


Hey Robin, it’s certainly possible to do however you will require longer hoses and cables to complete this job. Also you may need additional cable tray components to get the build the way you want it. It will take some additional planning of your system build to ensure your Farmbot will be reliable when in operation.

I will contact you over the private forum message system and we can talk specifics.


There has been talk about longer bots on this forum. I believe the maximum length you can reach is 12 meters. This limitation comes from the strength of the stepper motors, so if you’d wanna push further you’d need to upgrade the motors as well.

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