When moving 3 axis in absolute, one axis stop at somewhere in the middle of its way

running some test to take tool and watering sequences i start to notice this.
ussually is Y axis.
i still get the accurate coordinate in the manual controls menu but is wrong of what i am ordering in the sequence.

any hint about this?

This is usually the motor not getting enough voltage to keep moving on a place where it requires a bit more force. You probably still hear the motor clicking or humming until it thinks the move is done. The fix for that is cleaning the Y track and adjusting the screw on the stepper motor driver.

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I have noticed this, the stepper motor does not stall it just stops. It happens much more often when moving all 3 axis at once

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@Tim i agree with @chrisb
i might think in arduino processing speed issue that somehow is limited in 3 axis movements

@chrisb and @odranreb

I’ve had a similar experience. What I’ve done in the meantime is ensure that I never move the Z-axis concurrently with X and Y. Basically I always, X and Y first. Once that is completely, I move my Z-axis.

The movement system is reworked for release 3.1.6. 3 axis movement isn’t a problem there. But that version is still in QA AFAIK.

I indeed have the same problem, I’m not sure if it is because of power.
I have the idea that the arduino and RPi connection sometimes stoppes and the arduino is restarting or something. I also have the moving problem with only 2 axis (tested with Z and Y) I didn’t really tested anything with the X axis yet because we still don’t have the rails mounted properly.