WIFI Connectivity Issues

Greetings! We are currently rocking our v1.3 kit. After much trial and error we finally managed to connect the Farmbot to the webapp using a hardline. I seem to be experiencing issues with connecting Farmbot to ANY WIFI. It doesn’t seem to matter what type. Nothing seems to work. The passwords are correct. We’ve tried it with no passowrd as well to no success.

Everything checks out…
Currently running 6.2.0 FBOS and 6.0 Arduino and have zero clue as to what to try next. Please help!!!

It seems that I have solved the problem. For my situation, after attempting to use the configurator about 300 times and having no luck, I decided to just manually input the network credentials. Wouldn’t you know it? It worked like a charm! I hope that this message helps others in their farmbot quest!

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