Will Government Pay For My Farmbot?

Does anyone know of any Governmant program or subsidy that I can apply for to have either federal or state pay for my Farmbot? You would think there should be right???

Governments don’t have or make money. They take money from one citizen (at gunpoint) and give it to another citizen (aka., redistribution of wealth.) Do you seriously support having your government take money from your neighbors to give to you so you can buy a FarmBot?

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@bgmoon, be nice.

@Domsilla, it’s possible that a government would subsidise such purchases. This greatly depends on your country, and likely also on your business model. I highly doubt any government would subsidise individuals, but they might provide financial relief for any business developing innovative agricultural solutions.

Your country’s government probably has its own website. It’s worth looking into subsidy or agricultural departments of such website.

I think the scope of your question is too narrow / specific for us to be able to answer, unless you tell us where you are from. Then someone from the same country might be able to provide more specific information.

Many schools and non-profits have purchased FarmBot kits. Some of that funding may be coming from the government, in other cases it might be coming from private foundations or donors.

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