X axis moving different length each direction

First time asking here…
My Farmbot Genesis XL V1.5 is assembled and ready to go.
My Problem:
Moving the bot in x direction. If I send it 100mm forward and then back again it goes further back then 100mm.
This causes a lot of problems because the bot never comes back to the same location, e.g. to dismount a tool into a bay.
Any Ideas what I can do? Trying to figure out but giving up slowly…

Hi @AGT and welcome !

Have you tried the same test with X Encoders (for Positioning) disabled ?
Have you worked through this part of the Genesis Documentation :slight_smile:
Are my encoders working? | FarmBot Genesis Documentation

Thank you @jsimmonds !
I did try it without the encoders and when I move 1000mm forward and then back it comes back to 5-10mm.
But sometimes it comes back to the right spot and I cannot see a pattern…
Any advice on that?


Have you read through this piece of the on-line Documentation ( esp. section Test the gantry )
Why is my FarmBot not moving? | FarmBot Genesis Documentation

The X Axis gantry must be well aligned and move smoothly in both directions on clean rails.

I don’t have a fully assembled bot so my knowledge is only based on other posts in this forum plus the on-line documentation.

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