X2 motor not responding

I finally finished my build of Farmbot v1.2. I’m trying to troubleshoot why my X2 motor is not responding. It wasn’t responding after the initial build but unexpectedly yesterday it was responding. Since the gantry still wasn’t moving I was troublshooting by loosening the belts and checking that the tracks were parallel. Now today the motor is unresponsive again. When I switch the wiring to the X1 stepper driver the motor works fine. I also checked the voltage on the X2 stepper driver and it seems fine. Any tips to get this motor going? Could it be a faulty stepper driver? TIA

@dr-dan If you bought the FarmBot from us (even if it was a long time ago), you can reach out to contact@farmbot.io for help with movement issues. Please provide an order number or email address associated with the purchase when requesting support.

We typically respond within 24 business hours and work a 9-5 / M-F schedule (USA West Coast)

I’ll try that. Thanks Rick!!

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