Y Axis Encoders not working

Sorry for a new topic but the silly forum wont let me reply more than three times in the other topic. Seems silly and like it would create unnecessary posts like this one but… (Previous Topic: Home and reference position issues)

My Y axis is not sending through any encoder data at all. Here’s what I tried:

  • Unplugging encoder cable from motor and plugging back in
  • Switching green B and BQ cables just to be sure
  • Using Encoder Positioning and Inverting the Encoders to see if any data would come through with no luck.


Thank you for your help!

Hey @ivanmayes

its alright opening a new topic.

Looking at your second picture, it seems like you used the thin black wire for the ground connection at X1 and Z. But for the Y encoder it looks like the thick black wire is connected.

Thick black wire = shield = not connected
Thin black wire = ground

Thanks, that was exactly the issue!