Z-axis calibration issues x axis commands, and then errors out

This morning, I was calibrating my axes. When I got to the Z-axis, I encountered trouble. The Z-axis was at 0 (all the way at the top, with the lower stop already reached), “negative coordinates only” enabled. The bot attempted to move upward, and was thwarted immediately by the lower stop. The Control Page indicated the Z axis moved in the negative position 3 positions. Then the process was halted.

The following messages appeared in the log:

Calibration message: X: home
Calibration message: X: end
Calibration message: X: idle
Unhandled message: “R08 F22 P143 V44 Q69\r”

I can control the axis manually, and if I move the z axis down (negative direction), it will begin the calibration by going up. The same message sequence appears.

Any thoughts on this strange behavior?

@Gabriel Any ideas?

Thanks for reporting the issue. The correct axis will be displayed in logs in future FarmBot OS releases. The Unhandled message issue is similar to these other topics. We’re currently working to make those errors less common in future releases. In the meantime, since calibration of the other axes works, I would double-check the z-axis hardware settings.