Z Axis Not Homing Correctly

Hi All,

Upon pressing the find home button, the Z axis on my farmbot goes up and then ignores the stop and keeps on trying to drive past the stop. It then moves down a little and tries the same again. It just continues to do this and doesn’t find home.

Has anybody else come across this? It has been working fine on Farmware V7. We’ve recently been forced to upgrade to V10 and now this has happened.


@markgregory8 My guess is that the calibration values from a year ago are no longer valid with v10, given that the last v7 release was over a year ago. It would be best to completely re-start setup as if you had just set the device up.

  • Attempt to perform a “hard” reflash (unplug the SD card from the device and flash it on a desktop computer using Etcher).
  • Manually re-install Arduino firmware by pressing the “FLASH FIRMWARE” button in the firmware section of the device settings page. This will make sure that your Arduino MCU is not holding on to a very old version of the firmware.
  • Re-start motor calibration as if it were a new device. Perform troubleshooting as needed.
  • If you still have problems and purchased your FarmBot kit from us, email contact@farmbot.io for additional support. We no longer provide calibration support on the forum due to the high volume of requests we get. Please have your order number or purchase email ready to verify purchase.
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Hi Rick,

I had already done the hard reflash.
I flashed the firmware to the arduino using the web app and it fixed it. Was able to home and re-calibrate the z axis with no problems.

Thanks so much for your help!

Kind regards,

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