Z- motor fails relative movement on newly assembled Farmbot

I have a newly assembled Genesis 1.5 and the x and y motors both work well. The z motor fails three times each time I try to move it up and gives a failed relative movement error. I have checked for any obstructions or reasons why it would mechanically not move and cannot find any. I have tried several suggestions from the forums and still cannot get it to work. It seems to move down just fine and when the “always on” setting is turned off I can move the leadscrew up and down just fine (with resistance, of course).

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @trushing,

Although members of the community are free to contribute their own suggestions, FarmBot, Inc. no longer provides motor tuning support via the forum.

Please email contact@farmbot.io with your order number (or from the same email used for purchase) and Marc will be happy to help you calibrate your Z axis.

Welcome @trushing, and congratulations on your Genesis 1.5 purchase :slight_smile:

You should definitely email Marc, but there is some community guidance here as well if you need it. I’m wondering what things you’ve already tried. Without more information, we can’t really tell what’s going on but I suspect the voltage of your stepper driver is not sufficient and needs tuning. I say this because you mentioned that the Z-axis goes down fine. I think it lacks power to go back up versus gravity.

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Thank you for the reply. I apologize that it has taken me so long to get back with you, as I now am having connectivity issues and have not been able to get the Farmbot reconnected to the Wifi in order to fill you in a troubleshoot further.

Once I am up and running again, I’ll get back in touch here and with Marc through email to try to get things fixed.


When you get connectivity back, don’t forget to add your order number to your settings. It will help speed up your support requests.

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