Z, X, Y not stopping at Home and End

Z, X, Y not stopping at Home and End

I been shutdow the farmbot and replace the farmdunio board then reboot. All X,Y.Z have movement now.

unfortunately, It wont stop and keep movement to the end of track .Just keep movement. X, Y, and Z with the same case.

Please find attach screen X, Z, Y 0,0,0

Even X is moving. It won’t update the 0.

Farmbot O/S is update Version 12.3.3

I try on X1 and X2 only
youtube link: https://youtu.be/Juyxcc0V9IE!


Webcam :
I use laptop to check the replacement usb webcam . It keep flashing .

usb cam seem getting hot,

Z-motor testing : use Z plug , Z encoder plug ( video )

Z-motor testing use Y plug and Y encoder (video) Z-motor can move up and down.

X,Y,Z still 0,0,0

Wifi network improve now. more than 70%

Do you think the items you send to me do not package well with bubble wrap?

for example the Farmduino board just with a plastic bag inside the big delivery box. it does not cover with any bubble wrap.


I suggest checking conductivity in all cables. I had a problem with z cable, and one of the pins was being pushed in the elbow connection.

Thanks for information. Finally my Z axis working now help by Farmbot support.

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