Zoom buttons in Farm Designer

Farm Designer has some handy Zoom buttons (+ and - ) that I suspect should do something to my view of the bed when clicked. I sort of hoped that they would reduce or increase the view size of my Farmbot bed.
When I click them the view doesn’t change, but after multiple clicks they do go grey, which I assume means that they have gone as far as they can in the + or - direction.
There is no right hand scroll bar initially shown on the screen, unless I scroll using the bottom scroll bar all the way to the right, then the right hand scroll bar appears.
This makes performing operations, like adding plants etc to the bed cumbersome, with lots of repeated scrolling to the left and right.

@dmbgo It looks like you found a bug. Is it safe for me to assume you are a FireFox user? Please confirm your browser and OS so that I can investigate the matter further.

The controls appear to work fine on Chrome, but are not responsive on Fire Fox. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

You can track this bugs progress on Github.

Yes Rick, you’re right. I am using Firefox. I’ll try it with Chrome. Thanks for that.

I tried Chrome, and you’re right, it works as expected there. While we are at it here’s another small Firefox bug that also doesn’t happen in Chrome.
When logging into the Farmbot software, the browser autofills the username and password fields. If you proceed to click on the “Login” button an error message is generated saying that “the password cannot be blank”.
If you click anywhere in the password dialog, then click “login” you are logged in.
You don’t need to input the password again, just click in the dialog.