2-3 ft Height of Garden Beds

We are expecting the delivery of the XL farmbot. We want to build it 2-3 feet high. Has anyone done this and if so, were there any issues with stability of the raised garden bed?

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My Farmbot is on a small bed that is 23" tall. We deviated from the drawing a bit. And it sits on a concrete patio because we wanted to just have a small test area before we “go bigger”. See picture. This is during the construction phase. We used 2x12’s that we stained with Thomson Water Seal. And the vertical posts are redwood 2x4. For the XL, I would definitely embed the posts in the ground. But for this box (~4’x8’) it is fine. The screws I used to join the box are exterior grade coated screws. 3 1/2 long and 2 3/4 long. For the side plates of the rails, I did have to use some composite shims (from Home Depot found in door section.) to keep the tracks parallel as the wood is not perfect.

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That looks nice John, what is Thomson Water Seal? Do you have a drainage foreseen or does it not rain where you are? :slight_smile:

Hi John,
Did you fill bed completely with soil or did you only go half way? Do you have drainage in it ?


Thompson’s WaterSeal = Clear Waterproofer that is applied by brush like paint to protect wood surfaces from water damage.

Since the slab is not level (1/4” per foot of run), i lifted the lower end of the box to level it (2”). That provides drainage relief. I filled the box 1/2 way then tamped the soil, then filled it the rest if the way. Also, we do not get that much rain in San diego. If it was sitting on dirt, drainage would. It be an issue.

Hey @John_D hope that works this way. I would image that the water will come out on the junctions of the wood and the wood will rot, only a question of time. I would insert thick plastic foil as one uses it for ponts. This is how many of the raised beds are built…

I did use some plastic liner. It does seem to drain adequately through the bottom of the end that was raised to level the planter. And the wood is sealed with a polymer finish. This box only has to last for 3-4 years until we establish a permanent Farmbot planter in the front garden.