2 Step Authentication for schools - please read

Hi guys,
In a previous forum topic you said (I believe) that you have had 2 step authentication working in testing, but its one of our major stumbling blocks. We really need it. Can you…

  1. Give us an update on are you working on 2 step authentication, or what are the stumbling blocks?

  2. Is there a way to do it? E.g. treat it like a kids laptop where it is connected with a blue cat cable to the network via cable, then assigned an IP or name from the server (Could that work?)

  3. What are your suggestions on how to connect to the internet if we cannot connect through our school network - this could be a real headache for us. We are in Atherton and another school in Malanda also now has built a farmbot and ive been contacted by another school down south in South east Qld who also have one. In Education Queensland, we really need a solution. Please help and provide advice. How can we talk to your developers so we can A) understand the process etc and B) help in any way, test builds, whatever to try to get 2 step authentication working.

  4. Given the number of posts Ive seen of customers who require 2 step authentication, surely you must be working on it?

…We desperately need a solution… or at least understand whats going on so we are informed of the progress. What is in the future for Farmbot and 2 step authentication?

By 2 step authentication, i’m assuming you are talking about enterprise network settings, not 2 factor authentication correct?

This could work. I’m assuming the kid’s laptop is running some version of Windows? I don’t know
exactly how to do this, but it should be called “Connection sharing” or something like this.
this help article looks promising, but i can’t
validate it’s correctness as i don’t use Windows.

I’ve only had a basic proof of concept working. I haven’t had much time to work a lot on it, but the main issue i had is that it isn’t exactly a simple task to setup a test network to test builds against. I’ve never worked with an enterprise network before, so i don’t know exactly what is needed to make it work. It seems like every implementation of eap networks is a little different.

I’d really love to get this working. If you or someone who maintains your network has time, feel free to private message me here and we can setup a chat.

Yes im not a network guy but im assuming we are all on the same page with Enterprise networking. We are in Australia so we will have to sort out a time, and we are 3 days away from our 6 week long Christmas holidays.

Students can bring their laptops to school, including macs apparently but most have windows and they can be put on the network. But they use Enterprise 2 step authentication still.

I will give the techs my password etc and this chat thread so they can ask the technical questions or pass them along.

…It MIGHT have to be done in 6 weeks… I will see.

PM Me what time works best for you guys. I can move my schedule around to fit most times of day.

Thank you work working on this. We have an enterprise network at our school and cannot connect our Farmbot to our network. I have been working with our IT department to determine a solution but the only thing they are able or willing to do is to install a dedicated ethernet cable. Since the machine is outside, they will not run a bare cable through our courtyard so I will need to have conduit installed. This now gets the building maintenance department involved.

This whole process is becoming a headache. There are other schools in our and surrounding districts that are using our set up as a model and are ready to purchase one as soon as they see it in action. However, the connectivity issues are a pretty big dealbreaker.

If there is anyway to we can help with this please let us know. We are in Columbus, Ohio.

Yes Please! This is a big problem for us too. I would like to be able to access our school wireless network but in order to do so I need to be able to use my username and password rather than just a password like on a home network.

Hmmm . . about the right time to clone another @connor :expressionless:
('cept there’s still the WPA-EAP backend required for testing against !)

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