2nd X-axis motor sometimes moves incorrectly

The 2nd x-axis motor sometimes moves in the incorrect direction when moving in the direction that decrease X. This usually happens executing sequences, when sending a command with the controls it usually works as expected

Hi @chrisb, what model Farmbot and what software and firmware versions ? :slight_smile:


@chrisb To gain more understanding of the problem you should be able to exchange the X1 and X2 motor and encoder cable pairs at the RAMPS end ( may also need to SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS and enable INVERT MOTORS for X AXIS )

Have you physically inspected the X1, X2 cable connectors at both ends and/or just re-seated all applicable connectors ?

Have you also tried re-seating or exchanging the X1 and X2 stepper drivers on the RAMPS board ?

Invert x-axis on 2nd motor doesn’t seem to do anything at all. I manually flipped the direction of the stepper motor and now the issue happens in the opposite direction as described above.
Now that it’s moving left correctly and no longer guess right, I changed the invert second motor and it has no effect, it moves correctly left regardless of this setting.
When it works it performs as expected and travels the entire length with no issue

After swapping many things around, it appears that E0 is the cause, it is the only common thing
All the stepper motors work
All the individual driver modules work
Cables are fine
Encoder is fine

I did a work around by replacing the x-axis and disconnecting the X2 stepper motor and timing belt.

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