3D & 2D drawing files download

Hi all,

Is there anywhere else i can download the 3D & 2D drawing of all the parts?
I am unable to load onshape.

Please help.

Everybody can use OnShape for free, can you give me more info on the problems you are having … maybe I can help

Thanks for the reply.

When i log in to on shape, and click the link from farmbot to access to onshape farmbot genesis v1.1, the page load very long.

Sometimes it can be loaded but some times it cant be loaded.

When i try to export the file from onshape always unsuccessful.

I am buying a 3D printer for it to try to build the parts meanwhile waiting for the farmbot kit to reach my side.

Can anyone help me ?

Dear All,

I have succeeded to export the files.


I’m having trouble downloading all the files too. How did you go about downloading them?

You can find the version 1.1 files in the FarmBot Genesis OnShape document.

In the document, in addition to all the native design files, there is a Meta folder in which you can find PDFs with labeled drawings for each part. There is also a drawing that you can export as a DXF with all the plates in it, and an assembly with all the 3D-printable parts that you can export as STLs.

Once you open the document linked above, you can open the tab manager to navigate more easily:

In the Meta folder, you can find the 3D printing files and the plate drawing. To export, right-click on the desired file and click Export.

For 3D printing, you will probably want to export the files as individual STLs, as shown in this screenshot:

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Can you please Send me the exported files??? I can’t download these files…

Please ???

Thank you Gabriel, you told me where to look for 2D drawings in pdf format

can someone share stl file with me plz…
ur help will be highly apprenticed


What STL do you need, from which version of FB?