3d print files(STL) and some improvements

Hi guys!
I converted the plastic parts models to STL format to facilitate the use of DIY users. And to improve the printing effect, I made the following modifications and improvements.

  1. I added support to the model where the dangling area is too large, so you can print directly without adding any support.
  2. I canceled the characters to make the user have a better first layer effect.
  3. I added threads to screw positions so that the embedded nuts are not used, but this may result in reduced strength.
    4)Gantry-Mounted Seed Tray (Beta): I think the gantry design is a huge improvement, so I can’t wait. I made a gantry seed rack and a matching seeder tool for everyone to try in advance. (Please attention that the original Seeder tool does not apply to the gantry-mounted seed tray and needs to be reprinted a new one)

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