3D printed Gantry Plow

I’ve created a gantry “plow” to prevent plants from getting caught in the x-gantry and the rails.

You can download the files on thingiverse,
or here
Gantry Plow B.stl (129.2 KB)
Gantry Plow A.stl (129.2 KB)

Love some feedback or thoughts.


This looks like a good idea Aiden. I too have had issues with leaves from plants getting caught in the gantry. I’ll print some off - thanks!

How do the gantry plow parts interact with the mechanical stops at the ends of the track?

Do they glide over top of the stops or do they hit the mechanical stops?

Oh, we have mechanical stops set into the rail before the end of the rail. This is just due to the setup of our system.

I hadn’t thought of the standard stops… I’ll make an adjustment to the screw holes so you can move them up a bit and post some new STLs so that it’ll work with traditional farmbot setups.


here’s an updated version that allows for some adjustability to go over the stops (if yours is set up in the standard way)

You can download them at thingiverse:


Excellent idea!!!
I don’t have a 3d printer…would gladly pay for a couples sets of these. Let me know if anyone can help. Thanks! Rob

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