3D Printed Part

So I use Simplify3D which tells me the cost of each part down to the cent, So when I sliced the cable carrier supports its gonna cost me $0.66 for eleven yet on the farmbot site it’s $136.73 so this isn’t really fair to people who don’t have 3d printers.

Now the cost don’t account for time, shipping and all that stuff but still it’s one hell of a big mark up price.

Not trying to bust anyone’s balls or anything I just think the price’s should be a bit more fair.

The prices we have listed on the docs are if you purchase the parts from Shapeways, which is a well known on-demand printing service that is one of the more affordable ones available. If you use a service such as 3D hubs you may be able to find someone locally who would make the parts for less. And of course, if you print the parts yourself you need to have a printer and will just pay for material and your time. If you print the parts yourself, all of the FarmBot parts would only use up about 1.5kg of filament, so it would cost anywhere between $30 and $70 depending on the filament used. But you would also need to have a good functioning printer available.

Our longer term plan is to not use Shapeways (because it is relatively expensive), but instead injection mold many of the parts and also replace some with formed aluminum.