3D Printed Parts - Recommended Infill %?

I’ll be printing my FarmBot parts soon (and selling them too, if anyone is interested), but I am just wondering how solid you guys recommend? Obviously less infill makes it cheaper, but not enough to make it worth skimping on some plastic at the risk of weak parts. On the other hand, I am frugal and don’t want to waste material and time, and I have never printed anything that I felt needs a solid infill.

We usually do around 40% with 3-5 perimeters for the little supports and things. I recommend going solid on the motor housings for better water resistance. And solid on the UTM also so that water doesn’t soak into the UTM over time.


I personally printed everything at 100 percent infill because it made since, I pay 3 bucks a kg of material since I order pla pellets bulk from china, and use a filistruder to extrude the filament. Though I would recommend, similarly to what Rory said, print the motor covers solid and even coat them with a filling epoxy because they tend to crack due to the thinness even at 100% and also the tools and UTM should be printed solid. I would also recommend printing the drive shaft supports solid because they break really easily, though that will be removed in v1.1 so it will be a non-issue in a few weeks. If you plan to sell the prints, I would recommend picking up a filistruder just to save yourself some money and printing at 100% will make the final product just feel proffesionaly done which for a few extra cents and a few hours is, in my opinion well worth the trade off.

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