3D Printing Parts before the Kit Arrives

I plan to pre-order a kit in July.

If I wanted to get started 3D printing some parts so I am ready to go when the kit arrives… would that be possible? Are any of the 3D printed parts finalized yet?

I don’t even know anything about the kit – do we have to print some of our own parts or do they come in the kit?


Hey Anton,

Awesome! We’re planning on shipping all the parts with the kit, so you won’t need to print them yourself unless you build a FarmBot completely on your own. Also, while all the plastic pieces are designed for 3D printing, we’re hoping to injection mold everything for the kits to bring cost down and quality up.

If you (or anyone else reading this) wants to build a FarmBot on their own and 3D print their own parts, I wouldn’t recommend doing it just yet because the designs are still changing often. Once we finalize and release our kit version, we’ll recommend those who are interested to start making their own parts!


Would you recommend a particular plastic for the 3d printing? I want to build this from scratch with the kids and we are in Australia (high temps and UV, sub tropical)

PLA seems to work fine, though it can become “rubbery” in really hot direct sun. ABS would be better with the heat though its a little harder to print with. I’ve heard good things about ASA, which is a more weather resistant ABS.

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You could try this filament. It’s a modified version of ASA very easy to print and very stable in the sun and under hight temperature.


By the way what is your recommandation in terms of printing settings? Especially for the infill.


We always do 100% infill and 2-5 perimeters, and no support material (every part is designed to be printed without support)

Hello Farmboteers!

I wanted to share that at least in my area, Libraries have been willing to help with the 3-D printing for DIY farmbots. Not sure if this is a widespread phenomenon, but being able to parallel process printing parts might save a ton of time.