3D STL Exports from Onshape upside down

After downloading different models of the .stl files from Onshape as well as from the older Google Drive I can not find the following parts that are the right way around to print with a standard 3D printer using PLA.

I would like to use V1.2 parts if possible.

Here is the list of parts I need please:

Raspberry Pi Camera Mount Cover
Long Cable Carrier Support
Soil Sensor
Universal Tool Mount
Vertical Motor Housing
Watering Nozzle [top]
Weeder Blade
Weeder Spike
Z-Axis Motor Mount
Seed Bin

When I print the items the filament drops and creates a mess because it can not print in the air.
I have tried to turn the parts with the standard 3D Builder built-in to windows 10 as well as Google ScetchUp, but the outcome was not good, the heated extruder stabed a hole in the perspex bed of the 3D printer, probably because 3D builder does not save all the data needed for the Printer?

You can find all the parts for 3D printing in the correct orientation here.

By the way, v1.2 does not use the Raspberry Pi camera. We are instead using a waterproof borescope camera that does not need a cover and does not have a plastic mount. The v1.2 CAD models and documentation will reflect this within a few weeks when we bring them out of beta. If you still want to use the pi camera though, you can go back to v1.1 and grab the models there.

As far as 3D printing goes, I recommend using Cura or Repetier Host to manipulate and arrange the objects before printing.

Thank you Rory for your help.

I have downloaded the parts from the link you have sent me, but it seems that the parts are the right way around on the design on the Onshape site, but the exported designs are upside down.
I used Repetier Host to flip the parts and it worked like a charm.

Keep up the good work with this awesome project.

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