8mm acmd lead screw

I have a question, does the 8mm acmd lead screw mentioned here https://farmbot-genesis.readme.io/docs/drivetrain#section-8mm-acme-leadscrew

Does this have to be a 4 starts screw. Anything qrong if we use a single start.

You just need to make sure that the leadscrew works with the leadscrew block that you buy. A single start screw will need a single start block.

Ah ok…thx so much Rory…Can we make the block out of steel or alumninium…Hard to find the parts in India.

You probably could, though it would require lubrication to prevent the leadscrew from binding or wearing down against the block. Delrin (the material we make the blocks from) is naturally lubricating and much softer than steel or aluminum so it is more forgiving.

Understood, thnq for the reply. Lemme try with the steel and some low temprature resistant grade oil for lubrication. Will give my feedback here on performance.