A list of tomato plant varieties 2 feet tall or less that might be worth trying

I went through all the determinate varieties on burpee’s website to find one’s that might be worth testing with farmbot (i.e. 24 inches tall or less). I probably won’t be able to get a farmbot for this season, but I wanted to contribute. I tried johnny’s selected seeds before burpee, but they didn’t give heights for their plants. I emailed them though asking about varieties with 2-3ft tall plants. I’ll post the reply when I get it.

Tumbler Hybrid
Height: 12-16 inches (304.8mm -406.4mm) Spread: 18 inches (457.2mm)

Terenzo Hybrid
Height: 16-20 inches (406.4mm-508mm) Spread: 16-20 inches (406.4mm-508mm)

Lizzano Hybrid
Height: 16-20 inches (406.4mm-508mm) Spread: 20 inches(508mm)

Bush Early Girl Hybrid
Height: 18 inches (457.2mm) Spread: 24-36 inches (609.6mm - 812.8mm)

BushSteak Hybrid
Height: 22 inches (558.8mm) Spread: 18 inches (457.2mm)

Patio Princess Hybrid
Height 24 inches (609.6mm) Spread: 18 inches (457.2mm)


Actually, while the “gantry” is 24" off the bed, if you measure from the bottom of the tool head to the bed, you only have 18" of clearance (the tool head hangs 6" below the gantry when fully raised.) So if you want to position the tool head above your plants to water them, you need a max height limit of 18".

I just double checked that measurement on my farmbot :slight_smile:

For normal “tomatoes” that would leave the Bush Early Girl Hybrid as workable, however a single plant will occupy half a full sized farmbot. I might do it and grow two of them for this season… thinking about it.