Ability to sort sequences

It would be great to have an option to sort through sequences, or re order them manually. We have over 30 sequences and any way to organize them after creation would be a life saver


Support this proposal. It will be very convinient. As a programmer, I think this will be quite simple to implement, because this feature already exists for commands in a sequence.

Maybe a quick feature add would be for the default cursor focus in the Sequences tab to be the Search location. Then you could start typing (and “sorting” through your sequences…
Just a thought…

  1. Ja, Kategorien fĂĽr Sequenzen ist ein tolles Feature fĂĽr mehr Ăśbersicht.
  2. For x=100 to 2700 step x ? Alle Pflanzen in Reihe x Abstand step.