Ability to water manually?

I use Rachio controls for irrigation in my front and back yards. The sheduling and programs are all controlled via the internet with their App. However, their 3rd generation Rachio can now water on the current schedule “manually”. This is really important in case our internet goes down, especially in the hot summer months. I’m wondering if this would ever be possible with Farmbot. Will your board allow for local storage of a current watering schedule that could be activated by one of the extra buttons on top? I have had our internet crash for a full day before during the hot months in July/August. With no internet I, had to manually water my Farmbot garden with a hose or risk losing some of the more fragile vegetables.

@socalrob saved Sequences which do not require internet can be initiated by pressing a Box Button ( see the Controls tab )
So the steps in your chosen “Watering Sequence” will be relevant :thinking:


Thanks John! I didn’t know you could customize the extra box buttons for a full watering sequence. Even after 3 years of using my Farmbot, I’m still learning more. Big help as always…thanks again!


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