About the DIY category

Use this category to discuss DIY FarmBot builds using home-fabricated, off-the-shelf, and non-FarmBot-Inc components.

FarmBot Inc is in full support of the DIY community building custom bots, making modifications, and using our open-source plans in new and different ways. That’s why we put in extensive effort to provide high quality documentation for everything we do.

However, we can only provide detailed technical support to our full-kit customers. The reasons we cannot provide technical support to DIY builders is because:

  1. We are a very small team and need to prioritize our paying customers first. Our paying customers are who fund the development of this technology.
  2. It is very difficult to provide support to people who are using combinations of parts that we have never tested before and do not have detailed information about. For example, if someone purchases a Farmduino electronics board from FarmBot Inc, but then they use it with their own stepper motors, homemade cables, and a random power supply, we are simply not in a position to help troubleshoot problems because we cannot be sure the other components are compatible or built correctly.
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