About the Feature Requests category

Use this category to request new FarmBot features.

###Category rules and suggestions:

  • Limit each new Topic to one feature request. This makes it much easier to discuss the feature.
  • Check the category before posting a new Topic. If your feature has already been requested, simply commenting a :thumbsup: or :heart:ing the first post will let us know that you are requesting that feature as well.
  • Be as specific as possible. For example, don’t request “Make Sequence creation easier”. Instead, request something specific such as “Add a button for duplicating Sequences”.
  • Please provide reasoning for your feature request and as much background/context as possible. Describe the use-case where you would use this feature.
  • If you have ideas of how something should look, a basic mockup is appreciated. If you have ideas of how something should function, please explain.

Please note: we may not respond to every feature request, but we do read them all and appreciate your input. :vulcan: