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  • What to grow in your area
  • How and when to harvest
  • What types of seeds and other products you like to use
  • Soil questions, tips, and tricks
  • Anything else that relates to gardening but not necessarily to FarmBot’s software or hardware technology

Well I would like to see a section start that has a discussion on the various methods of tricking plants into multiple crops blooms.

To include none green house conditions, open air farming or farmbot aided open air farming. ie fake shade, increased lighting (from reflectors) and so forth.

So really four new talks, greenhouse tricks, greenhouse tricks with farmbot, open air farm tricks, open air farm tricks with farmbot.

i would like to see a section that shares tips on how to care for plants indoors. when to water, how much light would it need,and the soil type, as well as tips to improve immume system of houseplants.