Access farm designer plants database offline. Is there a way to download and access the whole plant repository?

I would like to download and access the whole plant repository for making the farm designer work. Is there a way to get all the plants locally accessible so we do not have to search online plants?

The FarmBot Web App (and farm designer) use the crop database. There is not currently a 1-click way to download the entire repository of data from OpenFarm, though you could use the API and a script to download everything. You could then run the OpenFarm application locally, upload all the data to your local installation, and configure a local install of the FarmBot Web App to search that database instead of the online one.

However, this would be significant work to set up, and you would not get the benefits of the global community and our team constantly updating and adding to the database. The beauty of having it all online and openly editable is that thousands of people can work on the repository together and everyone has access to the latest (and hopefully best) data. Taking it offline loses those benefits, but it can be done.