Account limitation to 5000 points/plants?

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I’ve setup a self-hosted version of the Rails app. I’m wanting to see if I can increase the current limitation of 1000 points / plants to at least 5000. Does anyone have some insight on why this limitation exists and what can be done to increase it?

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The limitation is in place for two main reasons:

  • The frontend cannot handle that many points as currently architected and implemented. At 1000 points/plants, performance of the frontend comes to a crawl and can easily make the browser tab unresponsive, especially on lower powered devices such as the chromebooks used in schools.
  • The Raspberry Pi and FarmBot OS, similarly, struggle with a high number of points. This is more apparent on the Raspberry Pi Zero included with Express bots, and less of an issue when using a Pi 3 or 4.

With a self-hosted setup you can absolutely increase the limit, but your mileage may vary!

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