Additional Webcam Feeds and security

I was thinking about adding at least one webcam so have an eye on the FB in total. In the description on how to add a webcam there is no word about privacy/security. From a privacy and security standpoint it’s a very bad idea if you have to have “a publicly accessible URL”. So everyone who has the URL can watch the feed :scream:

Is there a more privacy friendly solution which at least needs a login or similar?
I really don’t want to stream any view within my garden to the internet without at least a user/password protection.


@masze The iframe-based webcam feature was a very quick feature we added for the convenience of power users so that they did not need to open their webcam feed in a separate browser tab. Hopefully our use of the words “publicly accessible” helps emphasize that the feed is indeed accessible by anyone with the URL. The alternative would be to not offer webcam feeds at all until we have time to set up media streaming.

Long term, we hope to add an integrated streaming option to FarmBot OS (that will offer authorization/authentication). I don’t think we will start work on this feature in 2020, given other priorities and current staffing levels. Our hopes in releasing the iframe version that exists today was to help power users that understand the tradeoffs of a publicly accessible URL. The alternative would be to offer nothing, or remove the feature from the app completely. Since the feature is opt-in and clearly noted, we assumed this was an acceptable tradeoff in the interim.

So, to be absolutely clear: Do not use this feature if you have privacy concerns. The privacy offered by this feature is controlled entirely by the webcam vendor (not us).

If you do have privacy concerns about publicly accessible feed URLs, my only advice is to sit tight while we work our way through the feature backlog.


@masze In the interim, it may be useful to use “Shinobi” until the FarmBot has an integrated system.


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Thanks @jebba I’ll have a look into it.